hopeHope by Randy Wayne Spire.

Unto this day

I bid goodbye

Like yesterdays

Endless, they fly


Twilight has come

The world grows dim

Clear, sparkling eyes

Now search for him


He comes at dark

Slips from the sky

Through unknown cracks

Now standing by


To most unseen

To me so clear

He’s drawn to me

We tread in fear


His cloak is night

His eyes black stars

His breath spills ice

And consumes ours


I’ve crept to bed

Enwrapped in fright

Sounds groan and creak

Off to my right


My mind draws blank

And air grows still

Into his gape

All things must spill


Overwhelmed by loss

I drain to white

Cold hands on neck

Quick left, then right



Has embraced me

From coming dawn

We now must flee


The cold I felt

Has dropped away

Somewhere afar

Comes light, comes day


He takes my hands

And two are one

Our lifted face

Averts the sun


Tomorrows fade

Todays stand still

We drift away

We’ve had our fill


In nothingness

We ponder things

Like loneliness

And all it brings


Darkness reblooms

And looks to grow

Black stars ignite

And down we go


We drift to earth

Our curtain falls

We’re found our fear

The pain enthralls


We’re in the room

We see the bed

Oddly the same

Even the head


We exude frost

The black pours in

Our hands reach out

To free the din


And yet, the face

It is our own

We freeze in place

The fluid, stone


With fear now gone

My thoughts run free

Warm hands, cold throat

Change destiny


Quick right, now left

Dark embers fade

Coldness retreats

His cloak’s unmade


I drop to dreams

And time moves on

My brush with death

Forgot by dawn


Another day

Lies just ahead

I greet the light

And move ahead


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