My Love by Randy Wayne Spire.

Oh, darkest dawn

You wakened me

You sought me out

In misery.

My fearsome thoughts

My breath in fog

One day upend

And turn the cog.

The wheels were spun

A plan was hatched

My life, my heart

In both were snatched.

Away from pain

My heart did run

Away from you

My love, my one.

Tears streamed and dried

Hands opened, closed

Knees buckled back

The broken, posed.

I crawled away

Lost, staring back

Neck wound so tight

My bones did crack.

Arms drug me on

Heels dug me in

As gasping, wailing

I died within.

In unknown hours

A time might come

When thoughts regain

Sanity’s strum.

Until that when

I toil dead

And you and me

In dark must tread.

I cry for calm

I search for stars

I pray for peace

Entombed in scars.

It’s here I wait

Reduced by one

Closed on myself

Complete, undone.


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