Carry me

Carry Me by Randy Wayne Spire

My feet have failed me

My body is broken

My thoughts are reeling

and logic escapes me.

My eyes are unfocused

My mind is playing at the edge of sanity

and my hands can drag me no further.

I’m cold.

I’m lonely.

I’m tired.

Yet I cannot rest.

I sense light in the distance.

I stretch toward the rays of the sun.

I perceive healing in a new day.

Just over the next rise.

Even in this darkness I am sure of it.

More so now that you are here.


Carry me.

Cradle me.

Protect me.

Hold me in your arms and bear what I cannot.

Find it in your heart and hands to help me.

Take me to the light.

It’s not much further.

With your help I can make it.


Together we can do it

And one day

One day very soon

I will carry you.

I will carry you.


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