Back in Black by Randy Wayne Spire

Into darkness I descend

into self-created hell

Black birds they flock around me

on a path I know so well.

Bells ring across the distance

they return my mind to life

endless will be my torment

forever will be my strife

I turn to look behind me

to recall what came before

My thoughts return to darkness

My head turns around once more

Flame lights the night around me

warms the coldness in my flesh

My feet continue forward

My resolve returns afresh

I stop and find I’m taken

I’m removed from time and space

Pain rips my soul to ribbons

Black rushes to take its place

In agony I’m consumed

And my thoughts begin to roar

Flame ignites the fire within

Eyes open and nothing more

Now my soul is discarded

and in a dark places subsides

endless black is my vision

endless black are my insides

Tendrils of earth and silence

return my body to life

Black wings sprout from my backside

I emerge and bring black plight.


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